A successful expatriation or inpatriation means supporting the employee and their family to help them adapt culturally to the host country, so they can fit in both socially and at work. 

The main reason certain expatriation assignments fail is the lack of preparation offered to the employee and their family before they move into a new cultural environment. The vast majority of companies have realised that good preparation is the key to a successful expatriation and now systematically include intercultural coaching in their relocation packages.

MCF Relocation provides intercultural training for both employees and their families

Understanding and adapting to the specificities of the host country’s culture, preparing for culture shock, decoding specific situations in order to defuse potential fears or misunderstandings, turning cultural differences to our advantage – these are the types of considerations which need to be understood in order to reduce people’s apprehensions and provide the employee and their family with the information they need to help them settle in to their host country. The training sessions held by MCF’s intercultural experts facilitate the employee’s rapid integration into their new team and improve communication with their colleagues and their hierarchy. The family is reassured about their new life in a new country and given the information they need to handle the different situations they will encounter, thus avoiding the panic, fear or unhappiness that can result from a lack of cultural understanding. The sessions will be held according to the relocation schedule and are adapted to the employee’s, the family’s and the company’s specific circumstances.