MCF RELOCATION offers a full range of relocation services

MCF Relocation’s services are for companies of all sizes and are provided as made-to-measure relocation packages. These services help to facilitate decision-making on relocations; to attract external talent; and to significantly reduce the costs incurred throughout the relocation process. The companies’ employees and their families benefit from having a trusted advisor by their side who deals with the logistical constraints and provides advice and assistance throughout the settling-in period, and will help the employee to become more rapidly operational in their new position. The company benefits from a dedicated contact person at MCF Relocation, who is there to listen to their needs and provide their expert advice on each individual case.
MCF’s relocation services offer support at every stage of the relocation process and are tailored to integrate into each company’s specific relocation procedures. We can advise Human Resources Managers on the services best suited to their operational and financial considerations.

Our relocation services are fully complementary and each corresponds to a stage in the relocation process. This is why our teams work together in close collaboration and communicate continuously when working with an employee or family. The employee has a dedicated contact person and the families are guaranteed a friendly, professional and responsive service from a trusted advisor, there to help and listen to them from the beginning to the end of their relocation.

MCF Relocation has developed its own extranet with dedicated client access.

- Management of all departure formalities
- Moving assistance and follow-up
- Relocation coordination with the country/town of arrival

- Meeting and transfer from the airport or train station
- Introductory orientation visit
- Search for temporary accommodation
- Search for accommodation to buy or let
- Assistance with rental leases and insurance policies
-Search and enrollment in international, French or specialist schools
- Opening a bank account, assistance with inventory visits, utilities connections, presence for appointments with utility firms or to receive deliveries etc.
-  Short-term furniture rental
- Formalities for obtaining a social security number, welfare benefits etc.
- Shopping assistance 
- Language exchanges and training
- Assistance with commercial leases

- Additional services