Correctly completing these administrative immigration procedures is the key to successfully bringing in expertise from overseas
French employment law and immigration procedures are extremely complex.

Recruiting employees from abroad is a difficult task which takes time, is subject to extensive regulations and is complicated for any company to manage, regardless of its size. The rights and obligations for foreign nationals are constantly changing, there are always numerous different agencies to contact and meet with, forms to collect and fill in, taxes to pay and deadlines to meet.

MCF Relocation’s role is to take on responsibility for completing these time-consuming formalities thus leaving companies free to focus on their core business.

MCF Relocation’s immigration specialists work in close collaboration with Human Resources. Each company has a dedicated contact person who provides advice, expertise and assistance. Our teams determine the most appropriate immigration procedure, take responsibility for completing all the related formalities, and coordinate the follow-up with the different agencies involved, as well as the employee and their family. We do everything to ensure the documentation required is obtained rapidly and effectively.

Once the employee arrives in France, we will accompany them to the requisite meetings with the different agencies concerned, providing the right support according to each employee’s specific circumstances.

- Short and long stay visas
- Work permits
- Residence permits
- Renewal procedures
- Change of details

and also:

- Driver’s licence exchange
- Registration of EU and non-EU vehicles

- Assistance in obtaining a valid French driver’s licence where required